Zoom with Drums

Exploring different ways to set up for online music lessons

April 5, 2020

Recent measures to contain the coronavirus outbreak have left many local businesses reeling. I’ve been teaching drums part-time at My Drum School (MDS), but as of tommorrow, all centres will have to shut down their physical premises.

Thankfully, our school has already been scrambling to move to online lessons since last week. The team has been working hard to set up new equipment and release how-to videos, web resouces and online syllabus material. The complete integration of all these materials and new workflows (in just a few days!) within the MDS mobile app is nothing short of amazing.

During my first few online lessons, I got to experience first-hand the difficulty in playing to music/click tracks, especially with regard to sound quality. After some experimentation, I was inspired to make a couple of video tutorials showing how these issues may be addressed. Hopefully this will help teachers and students improve their online lesson experience.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Note: For an introductory video on how to set-up for online lessons, see the video released by My Drum School here.